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The Science of Beauty

This revolutionary website provides the client with an efficient, effective and fascinating tool for assessing their level of beauty. By so doing, the individual will be afforded the means to satisfy their innate, burning sense of curiosity; to derive a reassuring certainty amidst all the confusion surrounding the immense subject; to boost their self-esteem and confidence; to encourage a constructive competitiveness, and to enjoy the plain, simple and wholesome good fun it creates.

As the topic of beauty has been largely consigned to realms of art, with its tendency to indulge in vague, obscure, amorphous and nebulous concepts, there is a paucity of cogent, scientific studies and information relating to it. As such, the subject of beauty is one that should be viewed as still being at a rudimentary, incipient stage. Under these circumstances, as the author of the book, ‘The Science of Beauty’, with its original and groundbreaking theories, may be regarded as an illuminating authority, if not the foremost, authority on the subject.

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